The Importance of Downsizing You Body Jewelry

The Importance of Downsizing You Body Jewelry

With almost all piercings, it is expected to have a bit of swelling at the beginning of the healing process. Our piercers will choose jewelry that accommodates the amount of expected swelling. Like the picture below of the two forward helix piercings, you can see that there is longer posts in them so there is room for the tissue to swell while healing. After a few weeks the swelling will subside and the initial jewelry will then be too long for the rest of the healing period. It is very important to come back to see your piercer to change out your jewelry to something a bit more snug fitting to avoid any damages or irritation to your new piercing. If the piercing is left with long jewelry even after the swelling has subsided, you run the risk of having your new piercing snagged on things like hair or clothing which can lead to many different problems including those seen in the second picture of multiple helix piercings (Second photo and piercings not by Vicious Ink). In the second picture you can see two fresh lower helix piercings done with perfect angles and then right above you see two healing piercings with irritation bumps. Those are caused by not downsizing your jewelry soon enough. Those irritation bumps could be caused from snagging the jewelry, or sleeping on the piercings and pushing the angles to shift. These could have been avoided with proper downsizing of the jewelry. When you choose to have a quality piercing done at Vicious Ink, we make sure to use the best jewelry available, and you... read more

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New Tattoo Artist Jesse Robinson at our Sterling Heights location!

New Tattoo Artist Jesse Robinson at our Sterling Heights location!

We would like to welcome Jesse Robinson as the newest member of our Sterling Heights team! He is a traditional artist with a great positive vibe. Come visit the Sterling Heights location to say hi and help welcome Jesse to the team! You may call (586)553-9100 to set up an appointment with Jesse today! Here is a small example of his... read more
New Head Piercer Randee Saenz at our Sterling Heights location!!

New Head Piercer Randee Saenz at our Sterling Heights location!!

We would like to announce that we have a new Head Piercer and front counter receptionist at our Sterling Heights location! Randee Saenz has been piercing professionally in Michigan since 2013, using only the highest quality implant grade jewelry. She offers jewelry from all the top quality companies including Industrial Strength, Anatometal, NeoMetal, and Michigan made 14k Gold from Sleeping Goddess Jewelry. Randee started her career at Liquid Chaos in Dearborn Heights, has worked at Splash of Color in East Lansing, as well as Evolved Artforms in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  At a young age, she worked diligently to get herself a scholarship to attend the Association of Professional Piercers Conference in Las Vegas, to better her knowledge of the industry and learn new ways to perfect her craft. She took a full week of classes related to body piercing, jewelry quality, and sterile techniques to ensure you are getting the best materials for your healing piercings. After apprenticing for over a year, and perfecting her craft she has now made Vicious Ink her new home. She offers all types of oral and body piercings, including surface anchors, and tooth gems! One thing Randee loves to pierce is children’s ears. She is highly against children getting their ears pierced at the local mall with a 16 year old girl piercing them with a piercing gun, and would much rather have the children get them done in a safe and sterile environment while using the highest quality piercing needles and equipment. The one thing though about piercing minors ears is that she wants the child to be able to ask for... read more


The Holiday season is here and what better gift is there to give than a tattoo or piercing. We have gift cards available in any amount at our Sterling Heights and Rochester Hills location. Stop on in and purchase a gift card for your loved one or treat yourself this holiday season. Gift cards can be used on any Service, Aftercare, Vicious Ink apparel, or... read more


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