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Everyone has been told different ways to heal a piercing, and there is many different opinions on what works and what does not. Over the years as piercings have become more popular, we have been researching and testing different methods of healing piercings. What piercers have found to work best for everyone is a sterile saline solution. We prefer to suggest Neilmed Piercing Aftercare because it has a very simple list of ingredients – “USP Grade Water, USP Grade Sodium Chloride”. There are many different Sterile Saline Sprays available at the pharmacy, but they all will have some added ingredients that are not necessary for the successful healing of piercings. Many people will tell you all different ways they have healed their piercings in the past, like using chemical products including rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or even to make your own sea salt solution at home. These methods are not suggested as they have been proven to create more problems during the healing process. Chemical products like the ones listed above are not made for healing puncture wounds, and usually prolong the healing process of a piercing by causing chemical burns, and taking away good bacteria needed by your body to properly heal the wound. Making your own sea salt solution was a very popular method for cleaning and healing piercings, but the homemade solution is not sterile and can cause problems if not measured exactly. This is why we love Neilmed Piercing Aftercare. The spray is the easiest, and most convenient way to heal your piercings because it is pre-made, and portable! It is also vegan friendly! All you need to do to heal your piercings successfully is to spray Neilmed Piercing Aftercare on your piercing one to two times per day, and dry the piercing with sterile gauze after. No need to touch, move or rotate the jewelry. For more information on how to properly heal your piercing, please contact our shop to speak with our piercer directly!

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