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About Shelby Johnson

At a very young age, Shelby became heavily fascinated with the tattoo and piercing industry.

She started constantly studying the mechanics, the art, styles, and culture of the tattoo industry, knowing even at a young age, this is what she was destined to do with her life.

Shelby started her adventure trying to get into the industry at the age of 17 when she first started coming in to Vicious Ink, asking about an apprenticeship. She was told to get some more art schooling, draw every day and come back when she was older and more developed in art. Coming in, week after week, Shelby became very well known at Vicious Ink by every artist and even the owner. In 2013, Shelby received the phone call that would change her life forever; she was offered the job of counter girl.

After two long years of working counter, and constantly hinting at the idea of becoming an apprentice that day finally came. Shelby started her apprenticeship under C.M Nagy, and has now moved onto tattooing clients here at Vicious Ink. Seeing the smiles on her clients face after their tattoo is what keeps Shelby going.

She loves being here for her clients, making them laugh and giving them the best experience possible, whether it’s their first tattoo or 50th. Falling more into the neo-traditional style, she loves to tattoo with bright colors, and heavy whip shades.

Feel free to check out her custom artwork, and tattoos on Facebook and Instagram.

Shelby Johnson

(Guest Artist)

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