Eve received her first piercing in 1993 which was an eyebrow piercing. After that, it turned into six more within that year. She then realized how much she loved piercing and the art of piercing.

She went to Oakland Community College and became Kodak certified in 2003. She then went on to attend College For Creative Studies in 2005 and majored Photography until 2008.

Besides her love for piercing, she also has a passion for being a DJ at many local Metro Detroit establishments. If you are lucky you may run into her at your favorite bar!

Starting in May of 2013, she worked as counter and started her piercing apprenticeship at a local tattoo shop in the Detroit area. She continued to work there for 6 years at a few of their locations. Eve then decided to further her knowledge and experience and came on board at Vicious Ink in March of 2019.

If you would like to stop in for any inquiries about piercings or to get one, stop in any day but Tuesday and Wednesday.