The Dangers of Ear Piercing Guns

The Dangers of Ear Piercing Guns

While piercing guns may seem to be a quick and easy way of creating holes, they have major drawbacks in terms of sterility, tissue damage and inappropriate jewelry design. The piercing gun design was originally created over 100 years ago to reduce the pain involved with initial piercings by creating a hole as fast as possible. The piercing gun, in comparison is actually more painful than using the body piercing needle because the gun is smashing a piece of jewelry into your tissue which causes cartilage displacement. The piercing needle is creating a clean hole to then insert jewelry into. Over time we have become more aware of the body and its healing process, as well as what materials will work best for healing. Piercing guns do not have the appropriate material quality, or style of jewelry for initial piercings to heal properly. The quality and style of the ear rings used in ear piercing guns are not made with implant grade materials meant for wear in the human body, so most people with any sort of metal allergy will be allergic to the earrings used in these types of piercings. Piercings done with the piercing gun will take upwards of 1 year or longer to fully heal. Some people will never be able to fully heal an ear piercing done with the piercing gun due to the amount of damage done to the tissue from the blunt force of the gun, or due to the low quality of the jewelry material. Piercing guns cannot be sterilized properly. Anyone who has been pierced by a reusable piercing gun will... read more

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Now Offering Smilegems at Our Sterling Heights Location

Now Offering Smilegems at Our Sterling Heights Location

We are now offering Smilegems at our Sterling Heights location. They are $25.00 for one gem and $5.00 off each additional gem you get. These are a fun way to put extra bling in your smile. The Smilegems bonding system is perfectly safe, non-damaging, pain free and is totally self-curing! This means there is NO NEED to use a potentially hazardous UV light during application. The longevity of a Smilegems Tooth Jewel on the tooth depends entirely on the individual client. The natural acidity of your client’s saliva and diet plays a big part on how long an application lasts. The average time however, would be approximately one year.... read more


We would like to announce that we have a new artist, Mike Mangrum, who will be at the Vicious Ink in Rochester Hills, Michigan. To schedule an appointment with Mike please email us at viciousinktattoos@gmail.com or call the Rochester Hills shop at 248-844-5133. Mike loves to do traditional style tattoos so if you would like to meet him or set up an appointment stop on... read more
Free Loyalty Points!! It’s like free money but better.

Free Loyalty Points!! It’s like free money but better.

Take a photo of your self, or “SELFIE” for all you trendy folks, wearing your Vicious Ink Tattoo apparel and post it to our facebook wall.  When we see your photo on the wall we shall award you handsomely with 15 bonus points!!! It’s almost like free ice cream, kinda….. So be creative and have fun with it, and most importantly, show off your sweet new... read more


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