Nate first started drawing at an early age.
He started with pencil drawings of his favorite animals and painting landscapes to give to family members.

It wasn’t until much later he decided to challenge himself with creating portraits.
His first portrait was a self-portrait using a mirror, a number two pencil, paper, and loads of time.

Nate realized he had a special talent which led him to becoming a professional artist.
It wasn’t until he started designing tattoos for friends when he was encouraged to pursue a career in the art of tattooing.
Nate was so intrigued.
He began a journey that would forever change his life.
Being introduced to amazing artists, that have now become his idols, has only pushed Nate to dedicate his existence to the industry.

Nate studied and spent an entire year drawing and working just to get his start.
Once he landed his apprenticeship he has gone above and beyond for the love of the art.

Nate feels this is the greatest accomplishment of his life and will continue to learn, grow, and respect this industry for the rest of his life.