Kaetlyn fell in love with art when she was five years old. Everything from crayons, colored pencils, watercolor, markers, and gel pens became her favorite pass time. Throughout high school and college there was never a page of notes without doodles.

Art has always been and always will be her soul’s purpose. She really began to focus on her artistic growth when she was sixteen. That same year she started to gain interest in becoming a tattoo artist. Close friends were asking her to create tattoo designs on a regular basis. This sparked her curiosity about the industry and it started to seem like that was the right path for her.

After graduating high school, she started looking for a tattoo apprenticeship. Her search was initially unsuccessful and as a result she got a job as a painting instructor while attending art school at Wayne State University. Up until college Kaetlyn had been entirely self-taught. She was ok at drawing, but college art classes were where she really started to progress. This point in her life really helped develop the necessary art skills for getting into the tattooing industry.

Throughout this time tattooing continued to be what she ultimately wanted to do. After leaving her job as a painting instructor she decided it was finally time to search for an apprenticeship again. She went to many shops that turned her down but ultimately got her opportunity to become part of the tattooing world in December of 2016.

Shortly after apprenticing she had a strong desire for growth and made her way to Vicious Ink in December of 2017. Kaetlyn is dedicated to progressing as a tattoo artist. She’s always ready to learn more and understands that her whole career will be spent learning how to be better. She enjoys tattooing and drawing Neo-traditional, traditional, black work, and new school designs. She is especially drawn to working in color. Tattooing is a challenge she was made for.

Feel free to come visit her in person at the shop. She loves meeting new people and creating custom designs for them.