Brenda is a transplant from  Baltimore, Maryland. She moved to Michigan, 11 years ago.
She had an obsession with brows for at least 20 years. She a published make up artist who has also done work for runway shows on the East Coast. She fell in love with tattooing when she was 14, but did not get her first tattoo until she was 28 years old, after the birth of her son.
She has been in the salon industry for nearly 34 years, but had this nagging desire to learn how to microblade. There’s no turning back. “Your eyebrows are a frame for your face”  is something that she says on a regular basis.  She will also tell you that they are sisters, not twins!
She didn’t have eyebrows for many years, due to excessively over plucking them in the 80s. Brenda  spent a good 32 years drawing them on. It’s time-consuming and annoying. It was time to do something about it. In early 2016, she had her eyebrows microbladed.  After that, there was no turning back. If anything, she kept asking herself why she waited so long to do it.
Brenda is a retired roller derby skater and coach, as well as an emcee and current stage performer. She enjoys being around people and really appreciates the art of the eyebrow. In fact, it’s the first thing she zooms in on, no matter where she goes.
Set up a consultation and let her work some magic on your eyebrows. You deserve to treat yourself!