Mike has always found interest in the arts, whether it be illustrating or music.

After graduating school he pursued a design degree from the College for Creative Studies.

Mike is an illustrator from Sterling Heights MI.

He has been tattooing for a year and apprenticed for two. Even before landing an apprenticeship, Mike studied illustration at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He always knew that he wanted to perfect the style of American Traditional and Japanese tattooing. His skill set is not limited to that, but surely his strong suit.

Mike apprenticed under talented artists that specialized in the art of American Traditional. He is a perfectionist in every way and is always pushing to be a better artist, and it shows in his tattoos.

When Mike is not tattooing, he’s either drowning in his own drawings and paintings, or studying something related to his craft. Mike hopes to be able to travel the world and bring his art to every continent.

For a bold, long lasting, and very unique tattoo, get in contact with Mike.