Brandie Koski is a gifted artist from the great northern city of Marquette.

Brandi has been tattooing for 3 1/2 years. In those years, she has realized her true calling in the art of tattooing and body modification. Her main focus in tattooing (but not limited to) is color bombing using bright bold colors to make any tattoo pop. She also enjoys using colors to do watercolor tattoos. She loves to bring out the diversity in every tattoo that she does, and in doing that makes her pieces very unique and eye catching. As Brandie likes to say every day is a new challenge in the tattoo world and shes up for the fight. Brandie has also went through a piercing apprenticeship and enjoys body modification as she has many piercings herself. Other hobbies outside of tattooing consist of exploring the outdoors, drinking coffee, and taking care of her pet rats. Being new to the Metro-Detroit area she is looking to expand her clientele by impressing them with her unique style. For true custom one of a kind tattoos contact her via Facebook or on Instagram for more current work.I started drawing anything and everything I could as early as age 4.

From there my natural ability to draw portraits allowed me to stay busy as a portrait artist for many years.
My passion to become a tattoo artist came later in life when I acquired a respect and love for American traditional art.
I then became obsessed with the fact that I was not a natural when it came to this form of art.

While I am still learning, I appreciate the simplicity and design of American traditional.
I am a self-taught artist as well as a self-taught tattoo artist.

My career as a tattooer began in May of 2016.

Truly I feel that tattooing and my love for the art form has saved me in many ways.
I now dedicate my life to this craft and I feel truly blessed to say that I do what I love.